Johan Sørensen

About the redesign

I’ve just given The Exciter a much needed overhaul with a complete redesign and a new backend.

It’s now powered by TextPattern again after spending some time in the land of the WordPress.
I did have a look at both some of the existing Ruby/Rails blogging applications as well as writing my own, but to be honest I didn’t really fancy any of them and I don’t really feel like writing my own again right now.
So, I remembered how much I really liked TextPattern the last time around so I figured I’d give it another shot. That was over a year ago and I must admit that TextPattern has turned out to be a rather nice package.

I wanted to clean up the design as well and this is the result. Though I must admit I’m not entirely happy with it, since I feel it kind of looks a lot like a bunch of other sites, but I guess today wasn’t an original day for me.

There’s a new section now called Elsewhere, which can also be seen in the sidebar here on the right.
It’s essentially a linklog of sorts and it’s where I intend to post most of the things which I previously put in the “Rails Weekly News”.

There’s still a few odds and ends to work out here and there and it doesn’t fully display as intended in IE6, but I can live with that.


  1. johan Says:

    Hello world!

  2. Steve Says:

    Looks great! Rock on!