Johan Sørensen

Back to the Mac

When I left my previous company I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to work on next and I kept coming back to one thing: the Mac. Tablets and other powerful mobile devices are here to stay, and it’s software for those I’ve worked on for the past few years, but whenever I wanted to get serious work done I’ve always gone back to a laptop or desktop.

Casual computer use (if there ever was such as thing) has certainly changed to being mostly on mobile devices, even for a computer dork such as myself. But most of the software I use and admire everyday are running on the Mac. So that’s what I’ve decided to work on again.

For the past few months I’ve been working on a wonderful new Mac app and I’ve founded an independent company to go along with it and any future applications. While the app is nearing beta quality, it’s still a bit too soon to talk about it but I’ve really enjoyed working on a Mac app again. I’ve learnt a lot since I cobbled together my first Mac app eight years ago and it feels incredibly good to be able to funnel that into a product I actually believe in again.

As the saying goes, stay tuned.