Johan Sørensen

Fun little Rails applications

… That I’ll probably never will get around to write or finish, because of lack of time and all the other usual suspects:

Of course, you’re now free to steal any of the above ideas and take all the credit.


  1. Robert Hahn Says:

    Heh. This looks like a LazyWeb request if I ever saw one. Helping us get ready for Rails Day? :)

  2. Ben Bleything Says:

    Woo. Thanks for posting these, I’ve been in a bit of a mental dry spell the last couple of days!

  3. Oliver Gassner Says:

    nice ideas.
    one of them (feed reader/aggregator) is my first rails project (started yesterday).

  4. johan Says:

    Hehe yeah, I think some of those would be perfect for railsday. :)

  5. Roberto Martins Says:

    Hey man, i think a personal finance manager is the good thing..

  6. dave parizek Says:

    Why have the blog thing be subversion based? What advantage(s) does that give?