Johan Sørensen

Getting Webby With It

This site have been through its share of blogging systems over the years, wordpress, textpattern and mephisto in recent times. I finally grew tired of trying to bring my now ancient Mephisto install back to life whenever I wanted to write something (thankfully it writes completely cached pages on the frontend).

I decided to go with something a little more low-fi, and thus comfortable this time around. Webby is a nice little website generator framework that generates markup from static text files. No databases and myriad of frameworks to deal with, just plain old textfiles in a git repository with a post-commit hook. Another upside is the fact that I can “update” the site during offline periods, like a holiday season like this.

The only problem with static sites is the fact that they are static; no comments. So I’m trying out Disqus, even though I hate being dependent on other services like this.

Here’s the script I used to write out all the existing entries from Mephisto:

require "rubygems"
require "activerecord"

  :adapter =>  "mysql",
  :database => "theexciter_mephisto_prod",
  :username => "user",
  :password =>  "pass",
  :host => "localhost",

class Content < ActiveRecord::Base; end
class Article < Content
  has_many :comments
class Comment < Content
  belongs_to :article

Content.find(:all, :conditions => "type = 'Article'").each do |article|
  outfile = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "content/articles", "#{article.permalink}.txt")
  header = <<-eoh
layout:     post
title:      #{article.title}
created_at: #{article.published_at.to_yaml.sub(/^-\-\-\s/, "").chomp}
  - erb
  - textile
eoh, "w") do |f|
    f.puts header
    f.puts article.body
    article.comments.each do |comment|
      # comment markup omitted for brevity

Changing blog software is the ultimate exercise in yak-shaving, since what you really should be doing is writing posts instead…