Johan Sørensen

Holy Paparazzi! Batman

About ten months ago or so, I hacked together a little Cocoa application for capturing screenshots of webpages by using the WebKit framework. The application turned out to be rather popular, with over 6000 downloads the last time I checked a few months ago.

However, for me it was nothing more than a few nights hacking away at Cocoa and Objective-C, releasing it was fun as I got a tremendous amount of good feedback. But I could never get around to just fixing the few problems it had.

So I have in secret been looking for someone worthy of taking over from my puny Cocoa skills and some time ago I planted a little seed with a friend of mine who just happens to love Cocoa. As it turned out he started looking at the source a few days ago and before we knew it he has added some, if not most, of the requested features and fixed all of the little annoying bugs.

So let me introduce you to the infamous Wevah! He’s a frequent contributor to the Camino project and got some heavy skills under his belt (you really ought to hire this guy). And now he has taken on the incredibly huge task of maintaining the enormous Paparazzi! codebase (this is where your sarcasm meter should be off scale). So here it is; the brand spanking new and improved Paparazzi!.

Enjoy and send your love to the Wevah.


  1. Marcus Says:

    ahhh, it was you that made paparazzi!? awesome, and thank you. i’ve been using it for quite awhile now and absolutely love it.

    just found your website through the colloba docs :)

  2. Frank Hicklin Says:

    It won’t download on systemX. Any suggestions