Johan Sørensen

I think it's alive again!

120 days ago I shut down the blog on this very site, mostly because of lack of time to write. Well, I still don’t have as much time, but I do however have the urge to write a bit again. I’ve wiped the previous entries ,mostly due to switching to Wordpress instead if Textpattern, but also because I want to start fresh.

I’m using a mildly modified template at the moment (thanks to google), but I hope to change that whenever I get the time to do so, right now the important thing is “it’s back!”.

I’ve been up to a few things lately, among those a swedish site dedicated to Cocoa development as well as creating was seems to be a rather useful (judging by emails and number of downloads) utility for capturing website screenshots, it’s called Paparazzi, but more on that later.