Johan Sørensen

Moved to Norway

Two weeks ago we decided to move to Oslo, Norway and a week ago we did. This is probably not of interest to 98% of my readers, but for those whom it may concern; please get in touch with me if you need my new contact details and I haven’t already given them to you.

The move has been in the planning stage for quite some time, but suddenly all the pieces fell into place and the logistical issues where suddenly solvable if we acted quickly, hence the reason for the quick decision and action.

Oslo is quite nice, we’ll see how I survive the really cold winters here, compared to the previous “muddy winters” in the south of Sweden, and the polar bears in the streets (that was a joke).


  1. Tomas Jogin Says:

    Hope you like Norway, despite the funny way they talk. I might want to get in touch with you for some consultation on TDD and stuff later, but I think I’ll find a way to contact you. ;-)

  2. Jarkko Laine Says:

    Hey Johan,

    Hope all’s been good and well in Oslo. We’re also contemplating moving in there in the future as my girlfriend would want to spend an exchange year in the local med school. And me… well, as soon as I’ll remain the freebie I think I will, it doesn’t matter where I live. Gotta love the landscape there.

    I’ll drop you a note if/when the move happens (in a year or two, prolly) given you’re still there at that time.

  3. Inge Jørgensen / elektronaut Says:

    Oslo isn´t really that cold during the winter months, not compared to Stavanger. I lived in Oslo most of this winter, and I´ll probably move there sooner or later.

  4. topfunky Says:

    I hope to visit Oslo this summer. Maybe we can have a little Ruby get-together!