Johan Sørensen

NetNewsWire beta & RSS readers in general

Like most people of this modern age I’ve grown to almost being dependable on my RSS reader of choice, which in my case is NetNewsWire Lite (1.0.8).

Yesterday a beta of NetNewsWire 2.0 was released with lots of new features. New features are cool and useful, but I’m a simple man who likes simple things so I still think I’ll stick to the Lite edition of NetNewsWire. It still does its job with a few extra features, like displaying the feed contents through webkit, allowing for custom styling which is nice. The new 2.0 series also supports the Atom format.

Speaking of RSS readers, I’ve tried a few of the “other ones”, like PulpFiction and NewsFire, but none of them had the simple sex-appeal that NetNewsWire Lite had. Well, actually they did, but not in a way which I liked. I’m picky like that.

I’ve been sort of tinkering with the idea of building my own RSS reader, not as much because I think I can bring something better to the table, but mostly because I want an excuse to look into XML parsing with cocoa.


  1. jog Says:

    Well, I really don’t want to keep you away from programming, but there are quite a few other rss-reader around beside the three mentioned.

    I started a little listing (while waiting for nnw2 which i eally enjoy now) at you might want to take a look at.

  2. johan Says:

    True, but the last time I checked that was pretty much the only ones I felt was useful, but then again I didn’t look to close really :)