Johan Sørensen

On Redmond developer happiness

This little thing has been popping up in my feed reader again and again during the past week.

The post has over 400 comments, many of them from Microsoft employees. Let’s just say about 150 of those are from actual MSFT employees, and let’s say, for the sake of argument, that 100 of those are actually working on code inside Redmond.

I don’t care how small a percentage 100 employees is out of your total number, but when you have 100+ employees not happy about either their job, the way their company is run or their boss/manager; then you have a problem that will turn into an infectious disease, if it hasn’t already.

Just think about how many LOC an employee potentially pushes out over a year, or how many small or big features (end-user facing or not) they implement over that year. Now, I don’t know about you, but I produce a heck of a lot better code when I’m happy and passionate about my job than when I’m not. So in my eyes the comments on that post say they got 100+ coders turning out bad code, all because of their management.

I am glad neither my professional or personal computing experience depends on Microsoft in any way whatsoever.