Johan Sørensen

Passing on the Gitorious torch

My initial, and the very first, commit to Gitorious was august 14th, 2007. It all started as scratching an itch I had about hosting my own Git repositories, eventually it was adopted by many others, then by commercial open source projects such as Nokias Qt and MeeGo and behind-the-firewall installations. My company did consulting and other work on custom features for and custom installations.

Last year I started spending most of my time and energy on Objective-C and Cocoa applications again, while one of my fellow co-founders Marius kept chugging along and I did less and less work on Gitorious. Eventually we decided to formalize this whole arrangement.

Gitorious is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Shortcut, employing Marius and Christian full time. They’re running the show and got the keys now, which is great for all parties involved; I get to focus on other things, and Gitorious receives the full attention it deserves, while being developed and maintained by a company devoted exclusively to its cause.