Johan Sørensen

Presenting Collaboa

I’ve open-sourced the Rails application I mentioned earlier.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but the application is is certainly usable and can be seen in action at (the site is in swedish). So if you want to have a peek, or perhaps even submit a patch (!), the Trac install can be found at


  1. Magnus Bodin Says:

    Gotta love it! It is always good to see good examples.

    I wonder if the members love that their mailaddresses is published in the sql-dump? I don’t care for my own, but I raised the eyebrow.

  2. johan Says:

    well, that wasn’t too bright by me :/

    Thats what happens when you check something in and then go away for the weekend, I’ll have to apologise deeply to my members now I think..

  3. gabriele renzi Says:

    ok, I was thinking that our ruby user group’s wiki needs a revamp..
    then I thought that it would indeed be cool if I could have some kind of miniportla wich is also a wiki..

    then I recalled collaboa :)
    Ok, now: how really want to try it.
    Apart that I don’t have mysql and don’t plan to install it so I’m doing an sqlite microport ;)

  4. johan Says:

    cool gabriele, I must admit I haven’t tried using collaboa together with any other adapters than the mysql, but given the fairly transparant nature of ActiveRecord I doubt you’ll have that many problems?
    But if any patching is needed, please let me know ;)