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Rails Weekly News

It’s no secret that Rails is gaining popularity and with that comes a fair amount of new projects, tips, tricks and so. I’m thinking it would be nice to pimp those things here at The Exciter, so inspired by the Ruby Weekly News I’ll try to collect interesting notes, snippets and projects here on a somewhat weekly basis, aggregated from the various weblogs and the mailinglist.

This being the first “issue” I’ll try and recap a few of the projects which has been start/updated lately, hence the length of this post (hopefully the amount of interesting stuff related to Rails will explode, leaving me no time to keep myself up to date ;))…


Scott from EliteJournal fame started a nice little “back to basics” blogging application called Scratch. It seems to consist mainly of a API to post by, making it a good example of using the ActionWebService API for those who are curious about that.

Typo, Hieraki updated

Rails maestro Tobias Luetke updated a bunch of his projects, including Hieraky and Typo

Myelinate webloging system

Yet another a blogging app, this time by Will (Sorry Will, couldn’t find your lastname) called Myelinate. Myelinate sports caching, Tada Lists integration, It also features a fair amount of interfaces to post from; Email, AIM, NNTP and much more, nice package Will!

“Ajax” in Rails

As much as I hate the “marketing-speak” term Ajax, Rails is already sporting some nifty helpers in the Subversion repository that will be a part of Rails in the next version.

More XMLHttpRequestifying with Rails

Dave Goodland has written a nice intro on the concepts of using XMLHttpRequest together with Rails, there’s even a live demo.

Threading with Rails

Lucas Carlson spreads some light on how to use threads in your Rails application. Shall Rise Again! used to be the place where #rubyonrails users pasted their cool, faulty and fascinating code snippets. And it seems like it could be so once again. Go Bruce!

Web-Entwicklung mit Ruby on Rails

The soon-to-be book from the Pragmatic Programmers about Rails won’t be the only book out there on rails for long. German publisher Hanser is targetting a release of a german book about Rails) in January. Lets hope more books will follow!

Tiny URLs and syntax highlightning

Not only one, but two “tiny url” sites based on Rails saw the light of day in the past few days. You can read the respectives authors announcements here and here.
Carl Drinkwater is a busy little bee, not only did he make, but he also did a nifty little application which uses the Syntax library by Jamis Buck to create highlighted html markup from ruby code.

MuraveyWeb CMS

MuraveyWeb is a ruby CMS built on top of Rails. The idea, as I understand it, is to create a cms-framework which takes care of handling the content and then you create your own application to display that in any way you like. Looks interesting Dmitry!

For more interesting disussions and ideas about a Rails based CMS visit the “Ruby on Rails based CMS” wiki page

Rails “newbie” blog

Amy Hoys blog about how she got started with Rails collects various tidbits that might be useful for old and new Railsers. The latest entry includes a cheat sheet about Rails’ file structure and a cheat sheet about ActiveRecord relationships.

Four Days on Rails

Weighing in at ~40 pages, this PDF called Four Days on Rails should give you a proper introduction to Rails.

Got more Rails-related news from the past week or so? Leave a comment and I’ll update this post.