Johan Sørensen

Strongspace launched!

The project which I’ve been a part of lately at my “new” job at TextDrive has launched. Strongspace is a place to securely and easily store your files which, if you wish, can be shared with whoever you chose, or sync/backup/store your files via SFTP, Rsync or Unison.

Now, for some juicy technical details. Strongspace is all Ruby power; from Rails on the “frontend” application to some juicy backend scripts. All communication is done securely; from the payment gateway to the end user interacting with the application either through sftp, ssh or https. The unix-backend is even completely database powered for the user management.
For the secure file downloads we’re using lighttpd’s mod_secdownload which provides an easy and safe way to send files very fast to an authenticated user without going through the entire application stack.

Strongspace and other services soon to be revealed are steps on the way to the mysterious TextPanel. Strongspace will of course always be around and evolving, but we’re building the roads before we build the bridge. We’re just warming up.

Like Justin I’m amazed on how well our team is working together despite the four different timezones, all thanks to a healthy process and a good technical environment, stretching from the development tools like bugtrackers and SCM to the actual main language we’re using for development.


  1. Ryan Heneise Says:

    Another excellent Rails app! Strongspace looks great, and the storage space is huge. Looks like something I’ll want to use for easy off-site backups.

  2. Raymond Brigleb Says:

    I’m curious what bugtracker you use on your projects…

  3. Wong PoKér Hu Says:

    I have seen that application and the bugstracker really sounds interesting. Since you mentioned about storing files, I have a lot, which are confidential. Some of the files are researches and I don’t want them accessed by anyone without my permission. I do believe that the tools you use are competent enough to put secrecy in my files.