Johan Sørensen

TextMate Syntax Bundles

I’ve been playing around with the language bundles today, and since all the supplied ones where different from each other, I adapted them to have pretty much the same colour-scheme (based on the one for Ruby):

black background

I thought I’d offer them here to save anyone who wants the same a bit of work, you may download them here if you whish. The TextMate help lists the order of places it searches for language bundles, starting from ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles.

Of course, all credit goes to the creators of the original language bundles, I just changed the colours :)


I’ve created a bright version aswell. Of interesting things to note is a discrete grey background on PHP/Ruby code embedded in HTML. I actually ended up liking that more than I thought I would.

white background

Download it here


If anyone is keeping score, I’m not actually using any of these bundles any more. I’m using the default Ruby/Rails bundle with some slight colour tweaks; in a nutshell replacing the red for strings with a more gentle purple aswell as a few other tweaks. I’m pretty much only using the dark background color of #444444 on everything, the white background is simply too bright for my poor eyes these days…