Johan Sørensen


Johan Sørensen is a developer who currently specializes in creating software for Mac OSX and iOS. He is an avid mountainbike trail rider. He hates writing his own bio.

Recent work history

2020-present Senior Software Developer Oslo, Norway
Primarily iOS development around scale-up efforts
2018-2020 Senior iOS Developer Urban Sharing Oslo, Norway
App & product development of bike sharing apps and other mobility solutions. Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen Bysykkel, Oslo Sparkesykkel, Edinburgh, Milano bike sharing apps
2016-2017 Senior iOS Developer NRK Oslo, Norway
iOS developer at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, on the news app and TV iOS app
2014-2016: iOS Lead Developer, Oslo, Norway
Lead developer of the iOS app for Norway's largest classifieds site
2012-present: Founder & Owner, Frosthaus AS Oslo, Norway
Building wonderful software such as Sequence, the Mac timelapse editor
2008-2012: Co-founder & CTO, Shortcut AS. Oslo, Norway
Ruby on Rails consulting company later turned to iOS development agency.
2006-2008: Senior Developer, Bengler AS/Origo Gruppen AS. Oslo, Norway
Worked primarily on social networking site, with Ruby development and handling scalability.
2004-2006: Developer, TextDrive Inc./Joyent Inc. San Francisco, USA
Built cloud backup solutions and in Rails. Billing systems and other backends in Ruby and Rails, system administration of FreeBSD and Solaris boxes. Shared hosting customer support.
2003-2004: Interface Designer, Warthog Games Sweden. Helsingborg, Sweden
Built and designed in-game UI elements such as menus and HUD for the Richard Burns Rally Championship rally similation game for the PC, PS2 and Xbox.

Other works

Software projects I’ve originally created, but which I am no longer involved with

  • 2007-2010 Gitorious: Open source Git repository hosting and collaboration website and software (Ruby)
  • 2004-2005 Collaboa: A now abandoned open source Subversion repository manager and browser (Ruby)
  • 2004 Paparazzi: OSX application for taking fullsize screenshots of websites (Cocoa)