Johan Sørensen

It's the message


“By leveraging new synergies in partnerships that will escalate our mindshare to new global opportunities beyond this fiscal year we’re securing valuable fluff. Also, we’re still committed to Symbian and Meego. Except when we’re commited to Microsoft. Maybe next year. We’re not really sure what’s going on here either.”


“We, the largest technology and advertising business in the world, is here to save you from an entirely different draconian future than ours. Also, we’re like open and junk and if you can’t update to Cherrybomb just tell your mom to flash her ROM!”


“Something something business something. Something QNX. Something something Flash.”

Apple, and now HP/Palm

“Here’s our things. This is what they do and this is what you can do with them.”

Simplified and obviously subjective, but which one of the above can the consumer relate to?