Johan Sørensen

Oslo RUG: Distributed Ruby Slides

Last night I gave a presentation at our small (but awesome) Oslo Ruby group about distributed programming with Ruby.
Topics of the talk included DRb, Rinda::TupleSpace, Rinda::RingServer, tin-can telephones, Joyent’s Bingo!, set_trace_func and a brief thumper server-porn interlude.

Here are the slides (900kb). Beware though, they’re in an abomination of norwegian, swedish and english


  1. Alex MacCaw Says:

    Another option is a mysql job server (I wrote this because I found that, for windows at least, Backgroundrb was a bit buggy). Job’s get queued, and then every so often, a cron job checks to see if there are any new jobs. Optimistic Locking seems to prevent duplication. If you’re interested in seeing the code, please contact me.

  2. johan Says:

    yup, that’s another of doing it if the jobs are of that kind. A DRb setup gives the advantage of being able to talk back and forth.

    We don’t actually use backgroundrb, since it was Thread based when we started, but our lib works mostly the same way conceptually.