Johan Sørensen

Introducing Sequence, the Mac timelapse editor

After many months of hard work I released my latest project last week, a Mac app that I’m incredibly proud and excited about.

Sequence is a timelapse editor, meaning it’ll take the hundreds or thousands of photos you’ve patiently created with an intervalometer and assemble them to a movie playing back at, say, 25 frames per second. It also includes a nifty deflickering engine that will remove most, if not all, aperture or shutter induced flicker between your photos.

Sequence 1.0

As the review times for the Mac App Store are currently ridiculous (I waited 21 days for 1.0), I’ve already submitted 1.1 and I am hard at work on the next big features which are going to be fantastic.

I can’t wait to show you the things that are coming for Sequence in the next year!