Johan Sørensen

Tiny bits and pieces on ReactiveCocoa

Introducing Sequence, the Mac timelapse editor

Back to the Mac

Modern modern Objective-C

Pausing and controlling the speed of Core Animation


A scrollview in a tableview cell, properly

Nibs vs. code, a journeyman’s perspective (or lack thereof)

Migrating from Google Apps email

Diffing images with Core Graphics

Command line arguments with NSUserDefaults

It’s the message

Passing on the Gitorious torch

Focusing on the Canon 7D

Why Google TV is fundamentally flawed

Why you wouldn’t want to write your mobile application in a dynamic language

A Late Note About Recent Gitorious Developments

Why You Should Deploy Your Next Application on Ruby 1.9 and a Rant in General

Touches and UIScrollView inside a UITableView

Getting Webby With It

"Trafikanten" for the iPhone

What’s interesting about MagLev

Gitorious, so far…

Gitorious source pushed – and a freebie!

Gitorious – open source project hosting

A quick stroll through DTrace

CouchDb views in Ruby instead of Javascript

CouchObject released!

CouchDb and CouchObjects

Distributed SCM == Goodness

Dynamic page caching with Nginx & SSI

Application Error: The Tumblelog

Ruby has a nice new Rack

Oslo RUG: Distributed Ruby Slides

Flashing the Nokia 770

On Redmond developer happiness

On ActionMailer fixtures

Finding leaking Ruby Objects

Nostalgia on Rails

Holy Paparazzi! Batman

Strongspace launched!

Moved to Norway

The login generator and session fixation

The day the reality distortion field imploded

Collaboa Reloaded

A quick informal look at AWDwR

On technical books

Fun little Rails applications

Why bake your own cake and reinvent the icing?

About the redesign

Rails Weekly News

Rails Weekly

Rails tip: validating Markdown

My life for a better textarea

Rails Weekly News

Rails Weekly News

Paparazzi has moved

Setting up Lighttpd for local Rails development

2005: Year Of The List?

Installing Lighttpd on OSX

Free tags for everyone

The end of the year post

Presenting Collaboa

Introducing Collaboa

The story of Audion and Panic

Rails is gaining momentum

An idea for a community site software

TextMate Syntax Bundles

TextMate is here!

Rapid web development with Rails

Is TextMate the missing osx editor?

Paparazzi status

NetNewsWire beta & RSS readers in general

I think it’s alive again!